This 45-second method with is EXACTLY what you’ve been waiting for

By Jade Teta

Did you know getting into “the fat burning zone” during exercise can actually make you fatter?

Or that pushing too HARD, too LONG, can backfire, unleashing a storm of inflammation that only ages you faster?

Or that millions are under the false belief they are too old, too out of shape or too injured to take advantage of the powerful ability of exercise to turn back the clock?

But the #1 worst mistake which most people totally is to ignore the 3 metabolic signals that prove whether your efforts are working… or if they are just a WASTE of time.

And new research shows that with these 3 signals, you can optimize your efforts to burn fat and shape muscle at an accelerated rate for up to 72 hours after your workout.

In as little as 15 minutes. At any age. Here they are.

Metabolic Signal #1 – Trigger the After-burn…

This one’s the key to unleashing your metabolism’s ability to burn fat and shape muscle: get breathless.

That means doing enough so your heart and lungs are sufficiently activated.

When you get breathless, a metabolic alarm bell is triggered that releases catecholamines.

They are known as your “gas pedal” hormones because they instruct your body to break apart stored body fat and burn it for energy — pouring gas on your metabolic fire.

A 2002 study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology shows a special type of short, smart workout can get you breathless, elevating your metabolic rate for up to 21% in the 24-48 hours after.

That means an elevated level of fat burning for days — so make sure you get breathless.

Metabolic Signal #2 — Unleash the Metabolic Smoke…

Scientists used to think the burning sensation experienced during workouts was a sign of waste products building up.

Instead, research out of the July 2009 British Journal of Sports Medicine shows this burning sensation is a metabolic smoke signal that triggers simultaneous fat loss AND muscle growth.

It does this by signaling your body to release HGH, your #1 youth-enhancing hormone responsible for wrinkle-free skin, limitless energy, strong bones and an attractive body shape.

Efficient workouts that last only minutes release plumes of this metabolic smoke, causing a surge in HGH and other anti-aging hormones that help give you a makeover from the inside out.

So to stay young, full of energy and attractive, pay attention to the burn.

Metabolic Signal #3 — Boost Your Mood and Motivation…

This sign is something we ALL experience when you try to lift something heavy.

The straining, huffing and puffing are all signals that you’re activating type II muscle fibers.

And that’s important because a May 2008 study by Hulmi et al. shows this triggers testosterone production — important both for men AND women.

Testosterone helps women strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, while also providing a big lift to mood by relieving stress and anxiety.

For men, testosterone boosts drive and motivation and builds nicely sculpted muscles and a powerful physique.

That’s crucial because in men AND women testosterone plunges as we age.

So make sure you leverage the heavy effect — you don’t need any weights, just your own bodyweight works phenomenally well when using intelligent metabolic workouts (more below).

This 15 Minute Workout Optimizes all 3 Signals

So if what everyone is doing is NOT burning fat and producing results… what IS?

The answer is to get breathless, get the burn and go heavy.

ALL at the same time. All in the same workout. In the LEAST amount of time possible.

Not in separate hour-long daily sessions that suck up all your play time.

And not in super-high intensity “infomercial” workouts that have you jumping around like a crazy person, putting you at severe risk for injuring your knees, shoulders or lower back.

But instead in these super-fast 15 minute quick-hit sessions that combine a series of “intelligent” 45-second intelligent movements that torch fat and shape muscle VERY quickly.

Not only that, the powerful metabolic stimulus provided by these SMART movements unleashes a shockwave of hormones that bur fat and shape muscle for 2-3 days AFTER the workout.

I’ve seen this type of smart metabolic training in action personally as I use various forms of it with fantastic results that show.

> Do THIS for 15 Minutes to Spike Metabolism and Trigger Anti-aging Hormones Naturally

Studies show these efficient movements can burn up to 66% more calories, 900% more fat (that’s NOT a misprint) and tone muscle at an 82% improved rate.

And this series of 45-second intelligent moves has seen an 80-90% success rate when it comes to burning off unwanted body fat.

Remember, harder isn’t better, SMARTER is better.

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