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Is Sugar Toxic to Your Body?

By Mike Geary I think today’s short video and article is a must-see by everybody.  It shows a common food that most people eat every single day and never think about what this particular food is doing internally to your

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If Diet’s really don’t work,..then Try this !

By Neely Quinn “Diets” don’t work. And if you’ve ever tried one, you’ve probably experienced the typical result… You begin, all excited to start a new program – “This is it! I’m finally going to lose these love handles!” you think…

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TOXIC Bacterial Imbalance

By If you suffer from irregular bowel movements, constipation, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin problems, overall sickness, bad breath, fatigue, urinary tract infections, sugar cravings, and/or an inability to lose weight, new research is strongly suggesting that the

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Avoid these Toxic Foods

By Anthony Alayon Several years ago, I watched a life-changing documentary that exposed the truth about foods we eat. I had NEVER imagined that foods that were marketed as “perfectly healthy” were in fact completely toxic. To me, the concept seemed impossible —

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