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1 Sugar That Fights Disease, Chronic Conditions & Weight Gain

By Joshua Levitt   Hippocrates (the father of medicine) used this “liquid gold” as a treatment for pain, dehydration, and fever. And this isn’t just some “folk remedy” discredited by modern science either. Researchers (in thousands of peer-reviewed papers) continue to

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Discover the Joy of Making Tasty, Simple, Gourmet Restaurant-Worthy Paleo Meals!

By Peter Servold   I have something very exciting to share with you today… Over the past year, my friends at PaleoHacks have been working on a super secret cookbook project with the world-renowned Peter Servold — a Le Cordon Bleu trained

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Hormone Fix for Cellulite

By Hanan There is one hormone, in specific, that seems to be linked to increased deposits of cellulite, unpredictable mood swings, and even hot flashes. This single hormone is affecting both men and women, but it’s most noticeable in women.  At

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