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The Top 5 “Super-Spices” that SLOW Aging, Boost Your Metabolism & Fight Diabetes, Cancer and More…

By Catherine Ebeling & Mike Geary   In today’s new article, you’ll see which 5 powerful spices are proven slow the aging process, boost your metabolism, control blood sugar, reduce inflammation, protect your heart, and reduce your risk of both cancer and

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5 Stretches To Look 10 Years Younger

By Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri   Some people think you have to spend hours on a treadmill, completely eliminate carbs, or use fancy lotions and creams in order to look and feel younger.  In fact, there is so much you can

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Young Body Reboot System For Just $37!

By Drew Allen Roberts, Ashley Daniels, an overweight and out-of-shape woman used this surprising tip to drop 59 lbs of flab, 6 pant sizes and look and feel even younger than she did 20 years ago. How did she do it?

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Belly-burning trick just twice a daily

By Exciting news to share with you today… There’s a new method that is for melting belly fat that has been studied and mirrored in some of the healthiest countries in the world to help you burn fat and slim

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These 4 Foods Accelerate AGING

By Mike Geary In today’s new article, you’ll discover 4 common foods that you are probably eating every day that can actually make you age FASTER… so beware of these: These 4 foods accelerate AGING  (Are you eating more than 1

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By Janet Hradil Hopefully you know by now that 2,000 calories per day of candy bars and soda pop will NOT produce the same result as 2,000 calories per day of grass-fed beef, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Now consider this: If there really

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5 Steps To Looking 10 Years Younger

By Steve & Becky Holman Did you know that certain exercises can help you slow aging and help you to look younger, but other specific types of exercises can actually age you FASTER.  Not good! Make sure to AVOID the

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This “Healthy” Food Damages Your Heart

By Mike Geary You might eat this so-called “healthy” food every day.  In fact, the marketing campaigns of giant food conglomerates tell you to eat more of this food and they even boldly claim that it’s “heart-healthy”… yet the two

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Optimal Life of Health and Fitness

By Mike Geary I hope those of you in the United States are preparing for a great Thanksgiving holiday.  And for everyone else – I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a moment and think about what you are grateful for.

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2-minute fat-burning shortcut !

By Shaun Hadsall Wow, my colleague Shaun has nailed another groundbreaking NEW exercise technique, and it’s all described at the new article page below… I don’t know anybody that’s doing this method currently, and it’s VERY interesting. On this page, he’ll

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