“Miracle shake” treats root cause of diabetes

I have read thousands of pages of articles on health and fitness.  At this point I find that it is easy to recognize exaggerated claims.  I have come to realize that if you look for it you can usually find the core truth and value even in the most over-the-top claims.  So although I never accept “easy fix” claims at face value I usally can find something useful in the information.

Recently I have been hearing a lot about a “miracle cure for diabetes” promoted by Dr. Pearson.  I decided to check it out, and I was intrigued by the claim to generate the lesser-known hormone IGF – an alternative to insulin which also can metabolize sugar.  I did some more research and was impressed with the possibilities.

After combing through all of Dr. Pearson’s information and a lot of alternative sources I came to the conclusion that even though this information will not cure diabetes, it can still help you manage diabetes in a natural way; and it is not just for those who have diabetes – anyone who wants to manage their blood sugar and metabolism can benefit.

As with all articles and videos that I link to I encourage you to dive in and ignore the overblown claims and look for the substance.  Go right to the source and start your own investigation using the link below.

Dr. Pearson’s research on the benefits of IGF



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