Metabolic Movements that Torches Fat

By Dr. Jade Teta

Did you ever see that controversial movie Supersize Me?  That’s where a guy ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days straight.

He gained 24.5 pounds, his body fat shot up 63% and his cholesterol skyrocketed by 65 points.

Well, recently a physician in North Carolina ALSO ate all of his meals at McDonald’s for 30 days.

But he LOST 9 pounds, shed 20% of his body fat, his HDL went up and his blood sugar and triglycerides went down!

Now we’re not going to try to claim that fast food is “healthy” in any way, because most times, even the seemingly healthy items on the menus are made with low quality ingredients from factory farms and loaded with pesticides and chemical additives.

So how the heck did this physician lose 9 lbs while on a fast food diet for 30 days?

Well, he made two key changes… both of which hold the secret to creating unstoppable fat loss for anybody, even if you’re stuffing your face with fast food.

First, unlike the guy in Supersize Me who ate all the meals as they came, this physician NEVER ate starch with fat.  That’s a deadly combo that creates a belly-fat bulging calorie bomb.

The starch spikes your #1 fat-making hormone insulin.  And the fat delivers a megaton of calories for that insulin to convert into fat.  For example, he took off the bread from his burger and he didn’t eat any fries at all. Everything else was fair game though.

So if you want to block the fat-making capacity of your meals, never eat starch and fat together.

For example, you can take the grilled chicken or the burger off of the bun and just eat that with a side salad or some side veggies.

But his second change was even MORE important…

He added 15 minutes of a special type of metabolic movement that absolutely torches fat.

And he did that only 3 times each week — only taking walks with NO other exercise.

He actually invented these special movements at his metabolic clinic in response to three demands from his clients.

  • First, they wanted something that would work as good as going to the gym for 60 minutes, 5 days a week, but in about 15-20 minutes a day…
  • Second, they wanted something FUN they could do at home that didn’t require weights or any special equipment…
  • Third — and perhaps BEST of all — they wanted it to be something that ANYBODY could do, at any age.

So if you thought the anti-aging, metabolism-boosting benefits of exercise were off-limits… now is your chance to get ALL the benefits in less than half the time.  Here’s the complete description of how these special movements work and how you can get started doing them at home yourself now.

>> 15 Minutes of THIS Creates Unstoppable Fat Loss (At Any Age)

These special movements can help overcome a sluggish metabolism and strip off unwanted fat at any age and slam the breaks on aging.

Several close friends of mine actually been using these exact workouts for the last 4 weeks and LOVING them! Have fun with it.

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