Magnesium Deficiency Affects Almost ALL of Us

This may just be the simplest, most elegant solution to our most common issues… low energy, broken focus, reduced memory comprehension, sleep problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, migraines, joint pain and MORE…

Magnesium deficiency may be the most common nutritional problem in the industrialized world today, yet it is the single MOST IMPORTANT MINERAL for maintaining electrical balance and metabolism in our cells.

Magnesium Deficiency Affects Almost ALL of Us — for reasons such as stress, abused farm soils, flouridated water, pesticide exposure, refined junk foods, excess sugar and caffeine, excess calcium in your diet, and other reasons.

Here’s How to Correct Your Deficiency…

Magnesium deficiency affects about 80-90% of us at some level.  It’s the most common ignored nutritional problem in the industrialized world today. This important mineral maintains our electrical balance and keeps our metabolism fired up.

Ian Clark (a health researcher and dad of 7!!) has released a very unique new form of magnesium absorbed through your skin, and you can see how you can try a free bottle of this uniquely powerful magnesium here.

(Note:  this stuff is powerful for stress relief and helping you to ease into sleep at night! I use it myself)

Here’s why it works so well… Your body is made up of TRILLIONS of cells…

Your life, energy and health depends on them.

And for each one of them to survive —

— Each one of them needs to regulate the proper mineral balance.
— Each one has to be fueled by sufficient ATP energy…
— And each cell’s necessary chemical reactions need driven by hundreds of different enzymes.

When your cells don’t contain the proper mineral-ratio, don’t possess the ATP energy needed to operate properly, and they aren’t supported with healthy enzymatic function — your health begins to breakdown — as your cells are unable to carry out their necessary function.

If this process continues, the body begins giving up, and soon dies.  Magnesium is the backbone of every single one of these processes.

In this video, our friend and health visionary Ian Clark, discusses the epidemic of “Magnesium Deficiency”, and magnesium’s MASS ROLE in regulating our well being — from ENERGY, sleep, pain-relief, and cellular detox!

See how this one MASTER MINERAL is the driver of core bodily functions, and how you’re probably more deficient than you thought, even if you eat magnesium-rich foods.

And don’t miss out on your chance to try a free bottle while they still have supplies!

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