How would it feel to be given a “Get Out of Diet Prison Free” card?

Mike and Sabrina White Field

A 2011 study from the Journal of Obesity [1] showed those who focused solely on hormonal balance lost 65% MORE weight compared to those who were counting calories.

After just 8 weeks of ignoring calories and grams, they also had a 34% decrease in their waist alone.

Chalk up another one to focusing on manipulating hormones with your diet, rather than a calories in-calories out approach for the best results.

There are quite a few diets out there nowadays that try and tackle hormones, but this newest one below really caught my attention because it falls in line with our natural eating patterns and instincts.

It uses a “3 day diet-free” interval, in which you get to basically eat whatever you want every Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.

Although this may sound like a recipe for getting fatter—it’s actually the exact opposite.

– It spikes your leptin levels.
– It improves your thyroid function (T4/T3 conversion).
– It increases your insulin sensitivity.
It’s a MUCH better way to have fun and live a little!

It also sets up your hormones to burn an insane amount of fat during the weekdays if you know what you’re doing.

In fact, a breakthrough Cornell University [2] study recently concluded it’s the foods you eat Monday thru Friday that make the biggest difference, NOT the food you eat on the weekends.

Letting loose on weekends seems to be the “missing link” for many folks.

At the link below you can find out more about this shocking Cornell University Study—and how you can use this info to NEVER diet on the weekends, while losing still losing 3lbs every week:

> Eat whatever you want on weekends and maximize your fat burning hormones

Still curious how this 3 day diet-free interval works?

Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

> Days 1 – 3: Accelerated Fat Loss
> Day 4: RESET and BOOST Your Metabolic Rate
> Days 5 – 7: Eat Whatever You Want (SPIKE Fat Burning Hormones)

Following this simple 3 step approach you can enjoy EVERY weekend this summer, while still losing fat.

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