By Janet Hradil

Hopefully you know by now that 2,000 calories per day of candy bars and soda pop will NOT produce the same result as 2,000 calories per day of grass-fed beef, broccoli and sweet potatoes.
Now consider this:

If there really was an “air-tight” mathematical relationship between calorie intake and fat loss then cutting your daily calories from 3,000 to 1,000 would result in a whopping 730,000 calorie deficit in only one year.

This would equal a 200 pound reduction in body weight.

So according to this data, if you begin a diet weighing 200 pounds then you would literally disappear.

This is exactly why calorie counting could just be one of the biggest nutrition myths EVER.

The truth is that for every action there is a reaction, which means the action of eating foods creates a hormonal response.

FACT: hormones are THE single most important (and overlooked) aspect to losing stubborn body fat.

Example: when a man increases his testosterone levels he will lose fat and gain muscle—all at the same time.

This is because testosterone is a powerful “re-partitioning” hormone that helps your body convert calories you eat into muscle—instead of being stored as fat.

But what about all the aging women out there that want to slow down aging and lose fat…

When a woman ages, or goes through menopause, her estrogen levels begin to decrease.

So she suddenly begins to gain weight rapidly as her body increases fat cell production as a means of increasing her estrogen levels.

And the kicker is that this will happen to a woman even if she is eating nothing but twigs and berries.

As my wife would say, “That’s just NOT fair!”

So as you can see, hormones are the MASTER of all when it comes to how fast you gain and lose fat… especially from your toughest problem areas.

Our good friend, and expert nutritionist Janet, has taught us more about hormones than anybody else.

In fact, her story on the page below about how she nearly died really opened our eyes about why you should NEVER worry about just counting calories—only nutrients.

You’ll also discover if YOU are suffering from hormone-related fat storage year after year.

It’s all laid out for you step by step inside this brand new article:

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