Great super-smoothie recipe that helps to erase hunger

By Dr. Bowdon

Who doesn’t love a great smoothie? Unfortunately, most smoothies at typical smoothie shops are loaded with up to 80-120 grams of sugar, which causes a hormonal disaster inside your body, packing on blubber onto your belly faster than a soda and fries at your local fast food joint.

To make things worse, most smoothie shops use cheap genetically-modified soy protein which is terrible for your hormonal balance, and cancer-causing artificial sweeteners which are equally as scary for your health. And if the possible cancer risk of artificial sweeteners wasn’t bad enough, you also need to know that sucralose, which is in almost ALL cheap protein powders, has been shown in some studies to destroy your probiotics in your gut, which you know is vitally important for your immune system and digestive health.

The fact is… you pretty much NEED to make your smoothies at home in order for them to be truly healthy…

And today, I want to show you a great super-smoothie recipe that helps to erase hunger, kill cravings, electrify your body with energy, sharpen your mind, and help some of that unwanted flab disappear.

My colleague Dr. Jonny Bowden actually shows you EXACTLY how to make it in this 2 minute demonstration in his kitchen.

It’s called Choco Butter Crunch — YES, it’s as mouth-wateringly delicious as it sounds — and here’s why I love it so much:

You can get all the ingredients at your regular store — nothing strange or weird…

It’s FULL of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help to fight aging… It keeps you full and brimming with energy thanks to its healthy fat content… Special plant compounds PROTECT your heart and brain, keeping you healthy and sharp…

It contains a special metabolic fuel that sends your FAT BURNING through the roof…

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Try this today… you’ll LOVE the taste, and also the amazing energy surge! (plus, it triggers your fat loss hormones)

To a leaner and healthier body,

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