Eating LOTS Of Potatoes Can BOOST Your Metabolic Rate

By Shaun Hadsall

If you’re one of those people who think they need to avoid foods like white potatoes in order to burn off body fat, you could be sadly mistaken. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be eating potatoes at every single meal, as that would be a carb overload for most people.Potato
However, when you eat potatoes the right way and at the right times, they can be one of the best foods to increase fat-burning and BOOST your metabolism for a few very specific reasons that the article below will explain.

And potatoes are a MUCH healthier form of carbohydrates than wheat (bread, pasta, bagels, etc) because potatoes don’t contain inflammatory gluten and some of the other harmful anti-nutrients that wheat contains.

At the article below my friend and colleague Shaun Hadsall uncovers 3 shocking facts you never knew about potatoes to help you burn MORE belly fat and NEVER store them as fat.

> How eating potatoes can help you drop belly fat (3 shocking facts about potatoes you never knew)

Yes, even on a Paleolithic meal plan, I still enjoy my potatoes strategically!


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