Cannabis and Coconut

By Jake Carney

You cannot help but wonder if the vilification of marijuana has been another plot to deceive the public, just as generations of Americans were deceived about the so-called “healthy vegetable oils” we were told to consume daily… And it turns out those same vegetable oils (soy oil, corn oil, etc) were actually killing us all along!

Thousands of studies have emerged over the years showing some of the therapeutic and medicinal uses of naturally occuring compounds in the Marijuana plant. Unfortunately, inhaling the smoke of ANY plant can be harmful to your health, especially your lungs.

For that reason, I thought this article below was very interesting about a way to use Marijuana infused into coconut oil for some of the medicinal uses. Especially with the legalization of marijuana for medicinal uses in several states now.

Fascinating stuff!

Read the groundbreaking new article here:

Marijuana infused into coconut oil FIGHTS cancer (and other benefits!)

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