Anti-inflammatory Superfoods that STOP Joint Pain

By Mike Westerdal

If you have any joint pain and aches, hopefully you know by now from reading this newsletter that resorting to pain killers can actually cause MORE harm to your health over time (as is the case with most drugs, since drugs almost always have side effects) …

The good news is that there are plenty of natural superfoods with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can ease your joint pain and kill inflammation in it’s tracks.  One of the single MOST powerful anti-inflammatory foods actually ranked #1 is…

Tart cherries!  (or tart cherry extract or concentrate)

Studies have shown that the anthocyanins and phenolics in tart cherries have a powerful effect in reducing the inflammation that can cause joint pain.  In fact, according to researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University, tart cherries have the “highest anti-inflammatory content of any food“.

Tart cherries also have a long history in helping people get relief with Gout or Osteoarthritis.

Note that sweet cherries can have some benefits as well, but tart cherries have been identified in research to have larger quantities of the anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.  One thing that I’ve done in recent years is to add a little bit of tart cherry concentrate (about 1 tsp) to my daily glass of unsweetened iced tea, and I also use frozen cherries frequently in smoothies.  I feel that this is helps to maintain my joint health as I get older.  Give it a try for yourself!

But it takes a little more balanced attack from multiple angles to fight chronic joint pain and inflammation than just adding one single superfood to your daily plan…

For that reason, read this article to discover 3 more powerful anti-inflammatory superfoods that STOP joint pain (without dangerous drugs)

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