Beauty Of Food

By Hanan, Natural Beauty Consultant

NOTE:  Please read this very important message (and warning) from my good friend, Hanan. She’s mastered beauty with body preservation, and she does it without spending any extra money on skin creams, lotions, or fancy shampoos.
Nearly every cream, lotion, and skin “potion” out there actually destroys your skin — and health — over time.  This is true even if it says there is added Vitamin D, Vitamin E, or any other marketing garbage you might read on the label; most of these fortified vitamins don’t get absorbed properly, and the chemicals inside ruin them, anyway.
Want proof?  Simply flip the container over and you’ll see some really long and nasty chemical names.  I consider each of them to be poison, and I think you should, too.
While your skin may become softer, I prefer to think of this as “melting” your skin; your skin (which is the #1 largest organ in your body) gets softer with these creams… but that’s because it’s being damaged on a cellular level.  Your body takes in these chemicals, doesn’t know how to properly absorb them, and ends up producing funky cells (which some people believe leads to a ‘special’ kind of funky cell, called “cancer.”)  Artificial skin creams, shampoos, and lotions are destructive to your body, rather than the opposite.
And, Botox, well that’s not the way to go… trust me, I have generations of experience in helping rejuvenate skin, produce the silkiness you crave, and restore your skin and hair on a cellular level.    The best part is that it can all be done with household items you’ll find in your kitchen (so you won’t have to spend any extra money to keep your skin and hair looking beautiful all the time!)
These aren’t “my secrets,” at least not anymore.  My parents, their parents, and their parents have all passed down these secrets.  You see, I’m part of a royal family from Iraq, and several years ago, I lost my loyalty to country.  Unfortunately, the bombs and destruction taking place in Iraq resulted in me losing every family member and person who was close to me… and the United States allowed me exile.
But, I’ve decided to remember my family through sharing something near and dear to my heart, a guide that will help your skin ‘glow,’ your hair shine, and your body look 5, or maybe even 10 years younger.  You can read more about it right here:
To the healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful version of you,
Thanks for taking the time to read Hanan’s message,
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