7 Amazing New “Musical Tones” Found To Relieve Stress

By Micheal Tyrrel

If you feel as busy and stressed as most people do this time of year — with stress and chaos abound — then you need to take a second and read this email to see how certain musical frequencies can help relieve stress and heal your body…

I just recently read about a guy named Michael Tyrrell…  Michael is a speaker, author, and an amazingly talented musician. He actually discovered musical frequencies that are no less than 3,000 years old that have been known to support healing.

As Michael explains, our bodies are made up of energy.  That energy vibrates and is directly affected by certain, specific sound frequencies.  Potentially, the frequencies Michael uncovered have the power to heal you.

In fact, they were apparently used by King David to soothe King Saul during his times of depression…Now what Michael has done is record 7 beautiful and spiritual songs that contain these ancient frequencies.

Because of their natural resonance, these unique musical frequencies have been known to stimulate your body’s natural healing power down to the cellular level.  I recently got access to these 7 musical frequencies and have been listening on my computer while I work every day… I was amazed at how fast it took my holiday stress away. And as you know, stress is a major cause of hundreds of health conditions and diseases, so it’s not surprising that this music can help to heal health problems.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.  I want you to see Michael Tyrrell’s story and listen to these songs for yourself.  You don’t even have to buy anything if you don’t want to —  it plays for free on the website for you to hear a couple samples…

It’s called Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project and I gotta tell you – it has definitely gotten my attention.  Because I believe Michael is really on to something…Best of all, Michael has told us that testimonials of its healing power are pouring in faster than they can count.

There’s also an informative video on the site you won’t want to miss. I’m not easily convinced of anything … but after reading Michael’s story and listening to these songs, I know you’re going to love the music and experience positive results.

Check it out for yourself – listen right now for a couple free samples (also read the story of healing on that page)


P.S. People are saying this music has helped restore healthy sleep patterns (where your body’s healing happens), relieved stress, calmed kids with ADHD, mended broken relationships, and has boosted productivity

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