5 Stretches To Look 10 Years Younger

By Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri


Some people think you have to spend hours on a treadmill, completely eliminate carbs, or use fancy lotions and creams in order to look and feel younger.  In fact, there is so much you can do with just a few, simple stretches.

Unfortunately, most people teach “stretching” the wrong way, and they only focus on ‘flexibility,’ when ‘mobility’ and ’tissue release’ are much  more effective.  Please click the link below to see the top 5 stretches I recommend if you’d like to look and feel up to a decade younger:

> 5 Stretches That Make You Look 10 Years Younger (pictures included) — only takes 5 minutes per day

It usually only takes about 3-4 days to notice a BIG difference.  Please make sure to start today and let us know how you’re doing, ok?

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