Voted the Best-tasting Paleo Snacks of 2015!



I just don’t understand it.
At my local upscale grocery store, there is this whole wall dedicated to protein bars.

These pseudo-candy bars in pretty packaging are priced anywhere from $3 to $5 A PIECE.

That’s a lot.

Some have popular names, some are endorsed by celebrities, others are pretty obscure.

Either way, I submit NONE of them taste any good. And I know I’m not alone.

Determined to find “my” bar, I’d buy one or two different bars every time I went shopping.

Unwrapping, I would always look forward to a tasty yet nutritious snack.

But after the first bite, I knew. I’d never be buying THAT bar again.

Even those I thought were going to be good, (like those that were raspberry or blueberry,) were pretty awful.

Every time they’d say things on the wrapper like “chewy”, it was really code for “mealy”.

If it was really bad, I wouldn’t even finish it. 3 bucks right into the garbage.

I was however, undeterred.

At night, I would scour the Internet for tasty and satisfying Paleo snacks ideas.

It proved a pretty frustrating waste of time. Everybody has snacks and treats. Just not good ones. Not the ones you can look forward to eating or when you’re about to sit down and watch a good movie.

And then, one of my business partners sent me these incredible paleo snack recipes…

>> Paleohacks Awesome Paleo Snack Recipes

Recipe after recipe, everything I tried, tasted really great!

Now I finally had what I wanted… something I could rely on in between meals. Something healthy. Something Paleo and nutritious. And something that tasted really good.

The best part?

These Paleo-friendly snacks can all be whipped up  within 10 short minutes or less!

In the process, my health got even better because I wasn’t compromising inbetween meals.

Whoever said it is right… You DO want want to be eating, to be snacking throughout the day. Just not empty-calorie foods that’ll bring your energy down.

>> Paleohacks Awesome Paleo Snack Recipes

Today, I just ignore the protein bar aisle, no matter how trendy. These homemade snacks and treats are way better.