Thyroid issues, The truth about Ketosis, Beating sugar addiction

By Neely Quinn

A couple things for you today…

First, if you haven’t seen this article before, I found this very interesting article that shows a correlation between drinking a glass or two of red wine each day and your gut… read that article to see the results.  You might be surprised!

Next up…

Thyroid issues, The truth about Ketosis, Beating sugar addiction and more…

If you haven’t signed up for the massive Women’s Weight Loss Event with 35 of the top speakers in the WORLD presenting, make sure to register for the eventat no cost today.  You’ve already missed some of the great presenters and very interesting topics of the first several days, but you can access them in the archives and there’s still dozens of topics that you don’t want to miss, such as:

  • How to heal your thyroid naturally
  • How to balance your hormones without dangerous drugs
  • How to FIX autoimmune diseases with proper nutrition
  • How to BEAT sugar addiction
  • The truth about gluten and fat loss
  • How to conquer emotional eating disorders
  • The worst exercise to avoid if you truly want to get lean permanently
  • and much more, all presented by 35 of the top women’s health speakers in the world

You’ve already missed the first week of this event if you haven’t signed up yet, but there’s 2 more weeks of amazing presentations still to go, so sign up here to make sure you don’t miss any of the great content listed and more.

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