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Reduce inflammation and improve your immune system with these 37 delicious turmeric drink recipes!

By Lauren Fellows   Today’s blog shows you dozens of crazy ways that you can drink turmeric… and you probably have heard about the numerous incredible health benefits of turmeric, including fighting inflammation, reducing your risk of cancer, helping to fight

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Workout Trick To Lose 5 lbs this week

By Adam Steer What if there was a trick you could add into your workouts, that could rev up your metabolism 24/7 so you drop 5 lbs this week without changing your diet… Would you be interested in trying that method? I’ve

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How Meditation Literally Rebuilds Your Brain

We’ve all heard how powerful meditation can be for stress relief and becoming a more balanced person. And meditation can have powerful health benefits for counteracting stress-related health issues.  But I bet you’ve never heard that meditation can actually REBUILD your brain!  It’s true,

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9 Reasons to Use Epsom Salt

By Epsom salt is a mineral compound comprised of magnesium and sulfate, and gets its named from a saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England. Epsom salt has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a number

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This “Healthy” Food Damages Your Heart

By Mike Geary You might eat this so-called “healthy” food every day.  In fact, the marketing campaigns of giant food conglomerates tell you to eat more of this food and they even boldly claim that it’s “heart-healthy”… yet the two

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19 Foods that Repair Your Hormones

By Joel Marion & Brett Hall R.D Due to age, stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental toxins and too many other causes to count, it’s very likely that your fat burning hormones have been DAMAGED, making it nearly impossible

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If Diet’s really don’t work,..then Try this !

By Neely Quinn “Diets” don’t work. And if you’ve ever tried one, you’ve probably experienced the typical result… You begin, all excited to start a new program – “This is it! I’m finally going to lose these love handles!” you think…

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