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Workout Trick To Lose 5 lbs this week

By Adam Steer What if there was a trick you could add into your workouts, that could rev up your metabolism 24/7 so you drop 5 lbs this week without changing your diet… Would you be interested in trying that method? I’ve

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Tricks to AVOID Storing Carbs as Fat

By At the page below, my colleagues Joel Marion and Brett Hall, R.D. are GIVING AWAY a brand new free report that details their top 4 “sneaky” tricks to AVOID storing carbs as fat, including the easiest carb trick

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Fat-loss in ONLY 7 days

By Shaun & Karen Hadsall As a fitness publisher, I’d say that well over 90% of the questions I always get from most people is, “How to get rid of this stubborn lower abdomen fat”…or the lower “pooch belly” syndrome.

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Carbs Age You Faster

By Steve & Becky Holman Do carbs age you faster? The answer in general terms is no, because it all depends on the type of carbs and the quantity… But carbs certainly can accelerate aging. The reason is because excess blood sugar over time DOES

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