Stubborn Body Part That Women Struggle With the MOST after 35?


One of the hardest things for a woman over 35 are the changes you see happening to your body leading up to menopause.

The workout programs and diets you used to find so simple and effective, now deliver few, if any results… and many women actually end up getting BIGGER despite their hard work.

In fact, you probably already know that this “hormonal shift” is the REAL reason women struggle to lose body fat after 35…

However, do you know the #1 stubborn body part that women struggle with the MOST after 35?

Take your best guess below to see the answer:

A. Your Booty

B. Your Belly

C. Your Thighs

…or you can just skip the test and see the answer below:

> The #1 stubborn body part women struggle with after 35 (the answer may surprise you…)

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