Proven Cures for 7 of the Most Dangerous Diseases

By Jesse Cannone


My friend and colleague Jesse Cannone is one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever met.

While most people develop health problems later in life, he was born with unnatural twists and bends in his spine (a condition called scoliosis).

And up until a few years ago, this turned his life into an absolute nightmare.

As you can imagine, his back hurt all the time.

But it caused aches and pains elsewhere too.

The scoliosis shifted his entire body weight to the left. This forced his left leg to carry most of his weight. And as a result, he put up with a “bum knee” for years that almost required surgery (even though his knee wasn’t the problem).

Likewise, his neck muscles strained too as they constantly fought to balance his head atop his crooked spine (which in turn pulled on his skull resulting in recurring migraines).

Yet despite this early “handicap”, today he is a model of physical fitness and health.

He rides mountain bikes…competes in a brutal martial art called Muay Thai…and practices “parkour” (a sport where you climb, roll, and jump off of obstacles). He works long days running a multi-million dollar business managing over a dozen employees.

All while raising turkeys, goats, and eight (8!) kids on his ranch just outside Austin, Texas!

Where does he get the energy?

You see, because of his birth defect Jesse has spent almost every second of his waking life studying everything about how pain works (he is a certified Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and Post-Rehabilitation Specialist).

From this research…he has discovered an incredible secret about ALL disease.

It’s a way of looking at how disease unfolds… A kind of wisdom that’s far beyond what others teach… what others even understand. And it’s given him, his family, many of his clients – and basically anyone who listens to him – an almost magical ability to triumph in situations that would leave others sick, debilitated, and…ultimately…dead way before their time.

For years I’ve been telling Jesse to share this big idea with everyone… And he’s finally done it.

It’s in his recently, just published book.

Please understand… Jesse’s unique philosophy isn’t merely about eliminating pain or sickness. But it will allow you to understand what NURTURES disease…what causes sickness and illness to flourish instead of health – and why almost every treatment option for almost every disease known to man falls short because it does not take this into account.

Here’s how Jesse explains it…

“If your roof is leaking, the first thing you do is get a bucket to catch the water. The problem is, most approaches to fixing disease stop here. They just keep replacing the bucket when it gets full. But fail to find the true source of the problem (the hole in the roof) and PLUG it up so the problem goes away forever.”

This idea completely changed how I care and treat myself.

So, if you have a serious disease you want gone, you must read this book. If you want to be pain free… lose weight… have more energy… think clearer… and not rely on “band-aid” solutions that only “deal-with” the problem but don’t FIX it… read this book.

Please note: This book sells for $22.84 on Amazon.

But Jesse won’t charge you a dime. You can get this book for free (at the link below) as long as you cover the small shipping and handling charge.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your health…

I urge you to request your copy now. His first print run of 10,000 books is almost gone. Once these last few books are snapped up, you may have to wait longer while more are printed.

Grab your free copy here.


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