Probiotic-rich foods causes a dangerous imbalance of guts


You’ve probably heard in the news that probiotic-rich foods are one of THE most important things for your overall health, affecting everything from your digestive health to your immune system, skin health, body weight, and more…

Generally, when we talk about probiotics, foods such as yogurt, kefir, and fermented veggies are mentioned most frequently, but…

Most people don’t realize this, but traditionally fermented pickles, while delicious, are also VERY healthy for your gut flora… and plenty of scientific studies are showing that your gut flora controls your digestive health AND your immune system (70% of your immune system is in your gut), as well as dozens of other important aspects of your health.

However, this is ONLY the case with naturally fermented pickles and NOT pickles that are simply soaked in vinegar and salt, which is 99% of the pickles that you find at most grocery stores or restaurants.

The only brand I’ve been able to find at most grocery stores that actually uses TRUE fermentation instead of vinegar is the Bubbies brand of pickles.  There might be some other good brands of truly fermented pickles at your stores, but you have to carefully look at the ingredients and read how they are made.

This means that Bubbies pickles or other traditionally fermented pickles contain live and active probiotics, whereas 99% of other pickles that you find at grocery stores have no probiotics at all since they’re usually just soaked with vinegar and salt instead of a fermentation process.

So if you can find a good brand of pickles like Bubbies that contain live probiotics, at least you know you’re helping your gut health and digestion by enjoying those delicious little pickles with your meals.  Of course, variety of probiotics is important, which is why I also try to regularly eat fermented veggies (various krauts and kimchi), non-sweetened Kefir, non-sweetened yogurt, and other fermented foods.

Speaking of gut health…

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people have such poor gut health that they contain a dangerous imbalance of bad to good bacteria in their guts…

Does your gut have a dangerous imbalance of bad bugs?  (important for digestion, immunity, skin health, brain health, and more)

I’ll be back soon with more important health news for you.

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