NEVER do these “ab exercises”

By Tyler Bramlett

I just finished reading this new article about 3 of the worlds most popular ab exercises that you should NEVER do… and I couldn’t agree more!

These 3 common exercises can actually make your waistline get BIGGER in a surprising way…yikes!  PLUS, #3 has been scientifically proven to HURT you…not good 🙁

There’s one article below for men and one customized for women, so just take your pick and give it a clickety-click…

Men click here — Guys, these 3 terrible ab exercises do NOT burn off ab fat, and can actually HARM you

Women click here — Ladies, learn the 3 worst ab exercises that do more harm than good, and will NOT flatten your belly

Work out safely and also SMART, and you’ll finally get that lean flat midsection that you want!

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