How To Regain Youth Hormone

By Ron Gottlieb

Have you ever marveled at how fast a child heals after getting a scrape? How they seem to have limitless energy? Or the smoothness of a toddlers skin?

Why is this?

Turns out they have naturally high levels of HGH — our #1 youth hormone. HGH regenerates and repairs your cells. It makes your muscles firm, skin tight, bones strong and joints healthy.

And it helps you maintain an attractive body shape by maximizing lean muscle and minimizing body fat. (That means a nice hourglass shape for women and a powerful superman-style V-shape for men.)

Unfortunately, as we age past 25, our HGH levels plummet. By age 40, HGH dips to 40% of what it was at 20. And by age 55 it shrinks to a measly 20%!

This dramatic plunge exposes us to the horrors of aging — thin skin, age spots, wrinkles, gray hair, low energy, slower thinking, lack of romantic interest.

Plus our drive and motivation to get things done evaporates.

Making the situation worse, cortisol — known as the “death hormone” — actually INCREASES.

It wears you down, makes bones and joints brittle and turns muscle into fat, adding an extra layer of padding all-over, ESPECIALLY around your middle. Frustrating!

While reducing cortisol is notoriously difficult, fortunately there are 3 specific ways you can increase HGH naturally at no cost.

In fact, research shows one of these can boost HGH by up to 352% and slash your risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

HGH Booster #1 — A Simple Daily Habit…

First up is something anybody can do, but most people completely mess up.

I’m talking about sleep. But not just ANY sleep the right amount, quality and timing of sleep is crucial.

Your brain releases HGH during sleep to rejuvenate, repair and recover from the wear and tear of the day.

That’s why you don’t get enough sleep you look TERRIBLE — ragged, burned out, stressed, plump…and…no coincidence here — OLDER!

When you go to bed late, get up too early or have interrupted sleep it completely throws off your natural HGH release.

Plus, since poor sleep also causes your “death hormone” cortisol to skyrocket, not only are you not recovering properly, your body is being worn down even MORE!

That makes you fatter, older and more tired even faster.

The Recommendation: Go to bed at the same time every night, no later than 10-11 pm ideally, keep your sleeping area as dark as possible and get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep.

You’ll wake up feeling 10-20 years younger!

HGH Booster #2 — Remove HGH Blocks…

People get confused by this one because of all the so-called “experts” who spout conflicting information.

But the research is clear on how this powerful HGH booster:

Eat better. Eat less. Eat earlier. 

  1. Fast-digesting carbs boost insulin, which BLOCKS HGH.
  2. Eating protein boosts an amino acid called glutamine which increases HGH.
  3. Intermittent fasting has been shown to skyrocket HGH.
  4. Eating carbs too late at night raises insulin, BLOCKING the release of HGH while you sleep.

So unless you want to age faster, feel worse and get fat around the middle, do this:

The Recommendation: Eat slow-digesting carbs like leafy green vegetables and cut out fast-digesting ones like pasta and bread at your last meal of the day. Eat plenty of healthy protein like grass-fed beef and pasture raised chicken. Experiment with fasting occasionally (assuming you don’t have adrenal fatigue).  And have your last meal at least 3 hours BEFORE bedtime…this allows your blood sugar and insulin to normalize before bed so that you can max out HGH while you sleep.

HGH Booster #3 – The Most Powerful Anti-aging Method Ever Tested…

This last one is my favorite, but also FRUSTRATES me the most because I see so many people screw it up, robbing them of the opportunity to turn back the clock.

That’s a shame because research shows this method to be THE most effective anti-aging protocol ever tested.

I’m talking about exercise… but not just ANY kind, the kind that triggers HGH.  Most people push TOO hard, TOO long, TOO frequently, wasting hours at the gym or on long runs.

Not only does this barely move the HGH needle, it can backfire by spike cortisol.  That grinds down your body, kills cell growth, stimulates belly fat accumulation AND speeds aging.

Worse still, many people shy away from exercise entirely, thinking they are too out of shape or too old, which is just NOT true.

The answer is actually to exercise less — MUCH less.

But that’s ONLY possible by using incredibly efficient and effective movements that stimulate a huge surge in HGH in a VERY short period of time. In fact, studies have shown as little as 15 minutes of this super-efficient exercise results in an HGH spike of up to 352%.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this remarkable new type of training that makes the tremendous youth-enhancing, fat-burning, muscle-shaping properties of exercise accessible to ALL people, of ALL ages, regardless of what shape they are in.

It was developed at an exclusive clinic that specializes in metabolic optimization and you can read more about it here:

=> Boost HGH 352% in Only 15 Minutes by Doing This

Remember, the key to slowing aging, keeping your physique in check and your energy levels high to keep youth-enhancing HGH levels high.

This also will offset the wear-and-tear effects of the death hormone cortisol.

So get more sleep, modify your eating habits and MOST importantly, take 15 minutes to do this super-efficient routine that you can read more about on this next page here.

Here’s to staying young and keeping in shape with tons of energy!

PS – This is a great solution for anybody who finds it hard to get additional sleep. Or for those of you who find it hard to change what you eat because of your stressful, busy lives.

Just do this 15 minutes, 3 times a week to kick your #1 youth hormone back in gear and enjoy life like a youngster once again. Life’s too short, make it happen now.

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