Digestive Health

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Your digestive health has a big effect over your energy, mental capacity and your ability to maintain a healthy weight.  Here are some suggestions for improving your digestive health:


1. Avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible.  You will be surprised how many food items contain artificial sweeteners.

2. Pay attention to your body and only eat when you are truly hungry.  The mindless snacking and emotional eating must stop.

3. Limit the amount of carbohydrates that you consume each day to 30% or less of your total nutrients.  Take heart though – not all carbs are bad.  Here are 4 healthy fat-busting carbs.

4. Consider taking healthy supplements to restore your digestive health.  I highly recommend the scientifically tested and proven product ProX10 from BioTrust


If you would like to learn more detailed information about improving your digestive health please watch this video now