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The Simple Way To Melt A Bit of Belly Fat Every Day

By If there was a Doctor-approved way to dramatically reduce stubborn belly fat and KILL addictive sugar and fat cravings…without exercising more and without starving, would you be interested in learning about it? Of course you would! Check this out…

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Enjoy nutritious, delicious, gourmet Paleo recipes – from one of the MOST RESPECTED

I have something very exciting to share with you today… Over the past year, my friends at PaleoHacks have been working on a super secret cookbook project with the world-renowned Peter Servold — a Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef and owner

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The 5 Most Dangerous Lies You’ve Been Told About Bread

By For many of us, bread is the ultimate comfort food… Few culinary pleasures are quite as enjoyable as a flaky croissant with melted butter… fluffy biscuits and sausage in the morning… or fresh garlic bread dipped in a warm

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9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily

By I’ve run across some VERY interesting studies recently on the relationship between coconut oil (or any type of coconut fat, including coconut milk and cream) and how it can affect your body fat… The findings may surprise you!

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23-Second Waist Shrinking Exercise

By Have you heard of the new ab training technique called a “Core Activation Sequence” yet? To be honest I hadn’t either, until just the other day when my friend Tyler introduced me to the brilliant Dr. James Vegher. Dr.

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The Weight Loss Was Expected

By Imagine pouring a cup of corrosive acid directly into your blood stream. What would it do to your thyroid… skin… bones… heart… your fat-burning metabolism… … your body? Now imagine pumping that acid into your body every day, 24 hours a day.

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A special type of “superhero” muscle inside their bodies came alive.

Remember horsing around as youngster… … chasing other kids, everyone running about the same speed? Then, one day, some of those kids started getting faster… … and nobody could catch them anymore? Their secret? A special type of “superhero” muscle

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Stubborn Body Part That Women Struggle With the MOST after 35?

By One of the hardest things for a woman over 35 are the changes you see happening to your body leading up to menopause. The workout programs and diets you used to find so simple and effective, now deliver few,

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7 “fattening” foods for a flat stomach

By Mike Geary At this point, the anti-fat propaganda of the 80’s and 90’s has died and most people should understand by now that eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat.  In fact, it’s absolutely imperative to get enough healthy fats

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Lemon water & sea salt — 19 benefits

By Stephen Seifert Today’s blog is going to explain the potential benefits of a rather unusual daily drink tonic… As you might know from this newsletter previously, real sea salt (not processed refined salt) is actually very good for you in

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