Brand new healthy cooking guide !

By Flavia Del Monte

I had to write to you today to show you a brand new healthy cooking guide that is a MUST for every kitchen!  It’s written by my friend Flavia Delmonte along with Pro Chef Amy Stoddart, and it’s called Skinnylicious Cooking – Eat More to Lose More, including 372 pages of amazing ideas and recipes to cook gluten-free, soy-free, mostly Paleo, and with easy to find ingredients, all shown by a trained chef how to do it fast and EASY!
For the men reading this, don’t be turned off by the title and think this is only for women…I’ve reviewed this thoroughly, and it’s an incredible guide for ANYBODY, whether male or female, on exactly how to eat in a way that not only eliminates body fat, but also drastically reduces your risks of{C}{cke_protected_1}{C}{cke_protected_2} cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers, and other degenerative diseases.  And it doesn’t use the same old BORING and bland fitness model meals of dry chicken and broccoli, egg whites, and tilapia… Instead, these are the types of delicious and rich tasting meals you’d get at a 5 star restaurant, but done in the healthiest manner and with easy step-by-step instructions.

Also, please do NOT be intimidated by the fact that this is a massive 372 page guide to healthy cooking and incredible recipes…it’s meant to be a guide that you’ll keep in your kitchen forever and NOT something that you have to read from front to back all at once.  So don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of amazing information, recipes, and meal ideas in this new beautiful guide.  That’s right… I said “beautiful” because it’s really well laid out with pretty pictures, and organized better than most cookbooks I’ve seen.  And it even shows you the calories, protein, carbs, and fat if you’re interested in that type of thing.

I’ve been following Flavia’s information for years now, and I highly recommend grabbing this new healthy cooking guide today while it’s still on sale for such a good deal.  She really does over-deliver on this with at least 10x the value of what she’s charging right now.

Let’s face it… it’s easier for you to go out to eat at a restaurant or order take out, or even heat up crappy microwave meals that will end up killing you and destroying your health… but what’s “easiest” is definitely NOT healthy, and I think you’d agree that we ALL need to become more adept in the kitchen and go back to basics, so that we can nourish our bodies instead of poisoning them with processed cheap foods.

What I haven’t mentioned yet and the coolest part is that Flavia and her husband Vince invested over $11K in professional cooking lessons, and now she can pass on all of the best tips to simplify your cooking and make it healthier AND tastier, and the benefit to you is that you don’t have to pay $11k for cooking lessons… Instead, Flavia is going to give you all of the best tips without having to take expensive classes yourself!

She’ll also show you have to SAVE on your grocery bill while actually eating healthier and tastier food!

And lastly, all of her recipes and meal ideas are void of fat-storing ingredients while using metabolism-boosting ingredients instead that are meant to shift your metabolism from being a “sugar burner” to a “fat burner”.

If you order Flavia’s new guide TODAY, you’re also entitled to receive the bonus gift she’s giving away called “How To Cook 15 Meals In 50 Minutes!”

Don’t miss out on this deal that expires today:  Skinnylicious Cooking – Eat More to Lose More

Read that page in full and you’ll see everything that’s included with this deal, examples of recipes, bonuses, and more!

Enjoy this new guide!  I’m keeping mine handy and using it several times a week now.

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