“Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”

By biotrust.com

I don’t like gimmicky “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” sales.  I did a good job holding out until I saw this rare store-wide discount from my favorite nutrition and health supplement providers at BioTrust.  Now I just finished my $256 transaction and I feel no guilt about it!  I can recommend any product that BioTrust sells with no reservation, so when they offer 20% off everything site-wide I have to take advantage of it.  I also feel obligated to at least let you know about it.

Just use the code BF20 at checkout for a whopping 20% savings on your ENTIRE order — and be sure to stock up (like I did) during this rare sale as there are NO quantity limits or restrictions!

==> BioTrust Low Carb – Delicious, All-Natural Time-Released Protein Blend

==> BellyTrim XP – Advanced Waist-Slimming Fatty Acid Complex

==> LeptiBurn – Advanced Fat-Burning Hormone Support

==> OmegaKrill 5X – Pure and Potent Fish and Krill Oil Combo

==> IC-5 – Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management – Don’t Eat Carbs Without It

==> Pro-X10 – Advanced Microencapsulated Probiotic Blend (now with Actazin!)

==> BioTrust All-Natural Protein Cookies – The Healthiest, Most Delicious Cookies EVER!

==> BioTrust Organic Protein Bars – Your Ultra Convenient Organic MEAL Replacement

==> BCAA Matrix – Lose Fat Not Muscle – Premium Muscle-Sparing Amino Acid Blend

==> AbsorbMax – Premium Digestive Enzymes (now with GlutenGone!)

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