Are You Aware of This Poison in Your Food?

By Yuri Elkaim

This is going to possibly sound like nonsense…

But if you read this short email, I’ll prove to
you that… not only are you likely eating nerve poison,
but… you’re also feeding it to your children and
grandchildren too.

I know it’s somewhat morose to start 2015 but you need to be
aware of this…it’s that important.

This nerve poison contains the very same chemical
that is the key ingredient in SARIN… which the
Tokyo subway terrorists used to kill 13 people,
and severely injure 50 others several years ago.

It has been designed to attack your nervous
system, and cause irreparable damage. Yet, this
poison is contained in most of the food you feed
your family.

If you eat fruits and vegetables, especially
apples, pears and grapes…

… then you should know, a study by the
Environmental Working Group found that this same
poison is in 13% of all apples, 7.5% of all
pears, and 5% of all grapes in the US food supply.

And if you drink tap water, or bottled water
sourced from the US…

… then you should also know that between 1992 and
2001, the US Geological Survey conducted a study
that found that this very poison pollutes EVERY
stream they sampled, and more than 90% of all
wells. Traces of this poison were also found in
rain and ground water!

What is this nerve poison?

It’s called “organophosphate”. And it’s found in
pesticide, which is used by food companies to
increase production, and drive up their yield.

It kills insects, by causing irreparable damage
to their nervous systems. Unfortunately, it does
the same thing to humans too!

If you’re like most people…

… you struggle to get out of bed in the morning
…you have difficulty losing weight and keeping if
… you suffer random headaches and random pain
… you struggle to stay motivated, and focused on
your work
… you’re irritable with your spouse and children
… you end each day exhausted and burnt out
… and then you struggle to sleep.

This is all because of the organophosphates and
other toxins that have accumulated in your body
during your lifetime.

It’s all piling up in your organs and tissues so
quickly, your liver can’t get rid of it. And so
your body has to struggle, just to stay alive.

There’s only ONE way to protect your body from this killer.

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