A Simple Fix For A Crab-Burner

By Dr. Bowden

How do you know if you’re a carb-burner or a fat-burner?

And what is a carb-burner?

Well, a carb-burner is someone whose broken metabolism forces them to eat constantly (usually craving starchy carbs and/or sugar), robs them of energy, ages them prematurely and dulls their mind.

The BIG problem is that almost EVERYONE eating a modern diet is a carb-burner!  Especially considering that the government has promoted a diet ridiculously high in carbohydrates at 50-60% of total calorie intake, so the masses heed this erroneous advice and destroy their metabolisms.

How do you know if YOU are a carb-burner?  Well…

– If you skip breakfast, you CRASH…
– If you don’t snack, you get GRUMPY and maybe even “hangry” (aka, hungry + angry)
– If you don’t eat carbs every couple hours…your thinking SLOWS and you have no energy…
– And come late afternoon? You barely have enough energy to drag yourself home from work.

Fortunately, there’s a SIMPLE fix for this.

Using this nifty metabolic “bio-hack”, you can develop what is known as a “fat-adapted” metabolism.  This type of super-metabolism allows you to tap into body fat STORED on your belly, hips and butt for energy… instead of it just sitting there useless, taunting you every day as it swells bigger and bigger.

This metabolic adaptation also can allow you to skip breakfast without craving carbs, allows you to snack if you want to (not because you are forced to), eat tons of fat-laden “forbidden” foods and power through your day with limitless energy, a focused mind and a fantastic mood.

How is this possible?

Well, as a carb-burner, you rely on a VERY limited supply of “carb energy”:

– 1,600 calories in muscles (glycogen)
– 400 calories in liver (glycogen)
– 100 calories in blood (glucose)

But those calories stored in your muscles are OFF limits unless you are exercising intensely, so that leaves just 500 calories for normal day-to-day activity before you are forced to refuel (eat more carbs).

No wonder you get SO hungry, SO fast after wolfing down your favorite bagel or so-called “healthy” bran muffin!

Not only that, but forcing your body to utilize fat for energy provides stable energy and balanced hormones as opposed to the VERY unstable energy of a carb-burner and that totally out-of-whack hormones that occur in people that are carb-burners.

What is it like on a daily basis when you are fat-adapted?

The average person has about 135,000 calories stored as body fat — that’s 270 times MORE “fat energy” than those 500 calories of stored “carb energy”.

So what do you think happens when you are able to tap into that gigantic tank of energy that’s conveniently parked on your belly, hips, thighs, arms and butt?

Well, those who have become fat-adapted know exactly what it’s like…

And it’s something they’ll NEVER give up…EVER.

– They wake up refreshed after deep, restful sleep…
– They don’t “need” to eat breakfast if they don’t want to…
– For lunch, they GORGE on delicious fat-rich foods…
– Afternoon arrives and their mind is STILL sharp and energy levels are very stable without the crashes and dips of a carb-based metabolism…
– Come evening, there’s NO energy crash and their mood is fantastic…

And those frequent doctor’s visits, medications and surgeries? Well, they are a thing of the past.

The best part? They simply can’t get over how that stubborn fat they THOUGHT would never go away, just steadily disappears, day after day, month after month.  In fact, the biggest problem they have is buying new clothes and getting rings and watches resized!

So what IS this bio-hack that allows you to become fat-adapted?

Well, the first step is all explained here in this detailed blueprint on this next page

P.S. One of the other really cool things about becoming fat-adapted is that your monthly grocery bill get sliced by 30-40% or more. That can be several hundred bucks per month!  Here’s how you can do it:

=> Do THIS to become “fat-adapted” now

Enjoy your new fat-burning metabolism and STOP being a carb-burner.

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