3 Healthy Food Lies

By Nick Pineault

I have a new article for you today and you’ll be shocked at some of the deception used in the food industry…
Should you be eating these foods?
In today’s article, expert Nick Pineaultt will explore:

  • The WORST ingredient hiding in many foods you buy that is packing more fat on your body and can even cause cancer
  • Why you’ve been deceived about certain “healthy” cooking oils you buy (know what to look for!)
  • Certain additives hiding in foods that SPIKE your cravings out of control
  • Why some cultures like the French eat loads of butter, cheese, and wine and stay lean
  • The TRUTH about low-fat yogurt
  • What concerns you need to know about “cage-free” eggs
  • A deception that you need to know about certain types of “grass-fed” beef

==> Read the controversial article here


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