How Calcium Actually WEAKENS Bones

By Jesse cannone

As you get older, almost every doctor recommends that you take calcium to “protect your bones and teeth”… However, did you know that Calcium by itself can cause some shocking problems in your body, including WEAKENING your bones, contributing to heart disease (arterial calcification), bone spurs, and even contributing to joint problems (joint calcification) …

The problem is that supplementing with pure calcium is dangerous because your body needs everything in balance.  For example, getting adequate vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 helps your body properly utilize calcium in the RIGHT places in your body instead of the WRONG places.

Also, your bones are NOT just calcium…they are made up of DOZENS of minerals.  Taking calcium supplements can make your bones worse, because you’re causing the minerals to be out of balance in your body.

If you want strong bones, strong teeth, and you want to HALT artery calcification, joint calcification, and other problems that are caused by out of balance calcium, you NEED to read the following book…The Calcium Lie II, by Dr. Robert Thompson, MD., who has been named, “The Best Doctor in America“.

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